Being in business myself I know how hard it is to generate new sales leads and this is especially true if you are a new business and you are not sure what will and won’t work best for you.
We are in a good position in that we have been in business since 2003 and have tried many different mediums including email marketing, SEO, pay per click, partnerships, social media and many more.
These are what work best for us:


This is our most successful way of getting new leads. We have partnerships with marketing companies, web designers and design agencies. We have worked with several different companies in each sector but have gradually build up a good relationship with who we believe gives our customers the best service. By passing good quality leads to our partners gives them the incentive to pass work back to us in the knowledge that we will do the best we can for their customers.
Other examples of how partnerships can work include companies such as Lead Forensics who allow people to sell their software and offer commission. One such partner Clicking Mad who are a platinum partner are currently offering a 10% discount on the Lead Forensics service.

Word of Mouth

Provided that you do a good job for someone then you will always get personal recommendations. This is such as easy way to get leads and tends to give you very high conversion rates.

Lead Generation Software

This is a great way to increase sales leads without having to get additional visits to your website which is what the next 2 techniques require. Lead Generation software actually helps you to identify who has been on your website and give you their contact details which should help you to improve the lead generation of your business.


This is lower down on the list than you might think since our core service is SEO but although SEO works really well for the majority of our customers we don’t get as many leads from SEO as we do from our partners and from word of mouth. If you want to give SEO a try then have a look at our affordable SEO packages.

Pay Per Click

We turn our pay per click advertising on and off as and when we need more work because in our line of work the cost per click for our keywords is quite high. PPC works really well for quite a few of our customers.

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