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We offer affordable SEO and content marketing to help improve your rankings on Google and other search engines. 

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Google Ads Management

Google Ad campaigns allow you to get on page 1 of Google very quickly and with the right strategies give measurable returns on your investment (ROI).

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Digital PR

Build your brand awareness with our Digital Marketing & PR solutions mentioning your business on blogs, social media and press releases.

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Case Study – Suitsmen

Suitsmen came to us back in 2014 when they started to see an alarming drop in their Google organic rankings. We quickly established that their previous SEO company had been building low quality backlinks. Once these were disavowed and we got them some relevant and quality backlinks their rankings began to return.

We are still looking after their SEO and now also manage their Google Ads.


Google Partner

We are a Google Partner as you can verify by clicking on the image below:

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising a website to improve its rankings on search engines such as Google.

Common tasks include keywords research, on page optimisation which involves meta tags and writing good quality content, backlinks and social media engagement.

Search engines rank websites by using complex algorithms. When deciding on how to rank websites they look at quality, relevancy and authority.


Why is SEO Important?

If you look at Google Analytics data by source we find that in most cases Google Search or organic is by far the best performing marketing activity. 

Google Ads can be up there with organic depending on your budget.

So by investiong more time and effort into improving your SEO this can have a hugely positive impact on your business by driving more potential customers to your website.


How do we improve your visibility on the web?

We suggest a mix of paid advertising alongside a content marketing campaign which includes content creation for your website and blog as well as onsite optimisation of your website.

We can create and manage your Google Ad campaigns. This could be anything from setting up a PPC shopping campaign to creating and managing local or national campaigns targeting your services.

We monitor this using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We can also provide monthly ranking reports and agreed KPI reports to show the progress of these campaigns.

An example of some of the customers that are benefiting from our SEO services are Eagle Platforms who offer a range of safety training courses locally at their Sheffield training centre as well as hiring out access platforms anywhere in the UK.

We have two very different marketing campaigns running for them. One targeting the local area and the other targeting competitive national search terms.

We also work with online retailers who don’t have any physical shops and sell worldwide. 

Companies that have actual physical shops and want to attract local people also use our services. These include Crafted Canvas as well as Total Mobility who run a mobility shop in Barnsley and can be found for search terms such as “wheelchair hire Barnsley” and “mobility shop Barnsley”.

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