No sector is immune from the need for strong SEO and this, of course holds true for solicitors and law firms. There are few sectors that necessitate a high level of trust like the legal sector and perceived trustworthiness online is heavily linked to a healthy SEO position. Whether that means local SEO or the overall package this article looks to highlight some of the ways in which your solicitors or law firm can adopt strong SEO practice and benefit from it.

Rank High in Google Search

Of course, the primary objective for SEO in any industry is for the beneficiary to rank higher in Google searches. In the context of law firms and solicitors a higher rank will make it far easier for prospective clients to find your firm and give them confidence that your company is reputable and trustworthy.

Adopting good SEO practice will also involve some in-depth research into the search terms that are bringing “the right kind of people” to your website. By this we mean people that are more likely to contract your services. This allows content to target leads with far greater precision and will help your website to generate traffic that is relevant to you.

Local SEO

Local SEO should be one of the first ports of call for any solicitors or law firm and one of the most neglected areas is the Google My Business (GMB) profile. Ensuring this is up-to-date, in terms of information about your services, contact details, addresses and photographs and opening times is fundamental to any successful local SEO campaign. Fortunately this is also one of the simplest things to address.  Another local SEO must is getting listed in local directories that display your business details, which will help your Google ranking including on the much vaunted Google Map Pack.

Technical SEO

Ensuring that your website is technically sound is good practise. Using Google search console is a good place to start where you can add a sitemap of the website, ensure that the site is crawlable and indexable as well as looking at the site page and security.

Keyword Research

In amongst your research (or your SEO company’s research) into keywords and terms that drives people to your website will be the discovery of questions that potential clients may have about your services. This allows you to pinpoint content whose aim is to specifically answer these questions. This kind of content is not only the most beneficial to your targeted customer base, but also in the eyes of Google. It’s the kind of double whammy that is most satisfying!

Quality Backlinks

A final SEO contributor that is most often neglected, but incredibly important is the creation of organic backlinks. These are links to your website from other (often local) businesses. It helps build trust both in the eyes of the public and Google and can provide a tremendous boost to your website’s ranking in local search results.


At the end of the day results matter. Your SEO agency should provide you with reports that show the progress of your rankings and site visits. SEO takes time but you should see a good progression of these KPI’s.

SEO for Solicitors

Our SEO packages for businesses such as solicitors include all the usual SEO elements such as onsite optimisation of your website pages, backlink acquisition and content creation but they also contain local SEO elements. These help your business to get found for local searches such as “solicitors in Manchester” as well as helping you to get listed in the maps section on Google.

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