Content marketing is an element that a small business just must get right, but it is important to remember the ‘small’ bit because the strategy that will work for a large company with a well-established track record is unlikely to be a good choice for a company that is new to the market or only serving a small niche. If an enormous household name gets its digital marketing wrong in one arena, it doesn’t really matter because they have lots of other presence in the marketplace. If a small business gets it wrong on its Facebook page it may be the last mistake it makes, because it could lose all its customers and they may never come back. So getting it right and getting it right first time is vital. If you are outsourcing to a digital marketing agency then make sure you choose wisely and keep in mind these following points.

#1 – Watch your spelling and grammer

Although your audience is probably not composed entirely of English graduates, the majority of people can spot a bad typo and so make sure that your content is as perfect as you can make it. Don’t fall into the trap of writing to a formula – there are various books of ‘rules’ out there which will simply make you sound very stuffy and boring – but do make sure that all of your ‘theirs’ and ‘theres’ are the right ones for the purpose!

#2 – Who are your main audience?

If you have a nice clear demographic, then your choice is clear and so you will use the platform they are most likely to be visiting – Facebook, LinkedIn etc – and write some engaging copy which they will enjoy reading. If you are not sure who your target audience might be or if you appeal to a wide range, then choose the platform(s) which might be considered the most conservative (not in the political sense in this instance) – you might lose contact with the wacky outsiders but you will still reach the majority.

#3 – Blocks of text can scare readers off

Break up your text to make it less intimidating because enormous unbroken pages can look a bit off-putting. Even if it is interesting, hilarious and apt it will tend to look a bit like a text book and most people will pass. If you have images or video to insert, do – people like a bit of a change from written words and anyway, everyone knows a picture paints a thousand of them, so why not take advantage of that well known fact! Make sure the images are appropriate though – kittens are cute, it’s true, but if your product is cleaning products the link might be hard to see.

#4 – Find your voice

Whether you write your own content or get a professional to do it for you – and frankly, that is by far the best plan unless you have a real knack for it – then try to be consistent. Websites that sounds as if they have been concocted by a committee never look or sound good, so try and find your style and then stick to it. A good SEO writer will be able to adopt whatever ‘voice’ you are looking for and if they can’t – look elsewhere!

#5 – If you have nothing to say – don’t say it!

There is a belief that it is important to have a ‘presence’ online even if currently you have nothing much to say. This is partly true, but putting whiffle online just to fill a space soon has a detrimental effect on visitors to your social media or website because most people lead busy lives and they can find drivel anywhere; what they are after is something that will amuse, entertain, educate (possibly) and engage. So, if you have nothing to say, wait until you do have something. With even a small business there is usually some news, but whitterings about the staff pets or other nonsense should be kept to the bare minimum – although, as mentioned in #3, kittens are rather cute!

#6 – and finally; keep it up

Don’t start on all cylinders, with daily blogs and updates if you can’t keep up the pace. Set a timetable, keep to it and you will soon find you have a strong following of those genuinely interested in your product.

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