Local SEO Tips

In these difficult times it is important for local communities, shops and businesses to stick together. The idea of shopping local has gained traction against the backdrop of huge criticism of online shopping giants, whether for perceived tax evasion or mistreatment of staff, so the will is there for people to shop in their local area, but to get it to actually happen requires investment in local SEO strategy, to boost local web visibility and presence.

In order to put together the right approach for successful local SEO you need to focus your energies where it will make the biggest difference. This involves the integration of some short and some long term strategies. Let’s have a close look at 10 of the best tips to put together such an integrated approach.

1: Great Content

In SEO they say ‘content is king’ and in local SEO that is an adage that remains true. It is vital you populate your site and blogs with content that your local shoppers / consumers will find useful, engaging and appealing. Integration of keywords and phrases remains important, but you will need user friendly articles in favour of search engine massaging gibberish!

2: Local landing pages

The idea of local landing pages is a key ingredient for solid local SEO, especially for businesses with multiple locations. The aim here is to filter organic traffic to your bricks and mortar business in the local area, which as 58% of smartphone users search for local information each day and more and more people search for local businesses before leaving the home, is absolutely imperative.

3: Submit to local directories

Submission to local directories and business directories is a great way to boost your local reach and saturation. You cannot effect to neglect such great, free tools in your local SEO armoury.

4: Update your Google My Business information

Google My Business costs nothing and achieves an awful lot. It will help customers to find your business, encourage all important reviews and you can keep everything up-to-date. It’s essentially free advertising.

5: Improve your internal linking structure.

Internal linking is important as it supports optimal website navigation, helps with information architecture and helps with the even distribution of page authority and ranking power across your site.

6: Garner inbound links

Inbound links are a powerful tool for local SEO. Each one helps let Google know you are real and important. Focus on symbiotic relationships with other local companies and encourage guest blog posts.

7: Do not neglect social media

Social media remains a growth industry and a powerful tool for boosting local SEO. Find your social media voice and help to establish a local brand identity.

8: Make sure your site is mobile optimised

There is no slowdown in the expansion of mobile, when it comes to browsing – especially for local businesses. Make sure your site is as speedy and smooth as possible for mobile users.

9: Create local focussed content

While quality content overall is key, it is also wise to promote local events with your unique spin, to boost traffic and your local presence.

10: Local keyword research pays off

If you can find out what keywords and phrases are driving local visitors to your site, you can strategize their incorporation into content and ensure the right demographic are targeted.