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Content marketing strategy

Content marketing is the intelligent route to getting your products or services out into the market place. There is so much internet content out there nowadays that anything that is online is in danger of being lost in the crowd. A good analogy is a noisy party – when you first arrive, it just sounds like a really loud and mixed up babble, but when you have been there a while and have met someone interesting, you find you can easily hear what they are saying, because you want to hear what they have to say.

The trick with putting your website online is to be that interesting person – and what you have to say on your site will make sure that search engines will place you near the top of the listings. For that, you need absolutely top notch content – simply forcing a few keywords in some substandard drivel just is not enough these days. This is where a content marketing strategy devised by Lojix comes in.

No one expects you to be Charles Dickens

Not everyone is a writer who can hold a reader’s attention and amuse and engage them for long enough for them to get the message on the website. The answer to the problem, if you are not a natural writer yourself, is to go to an expert, because writing good content marketing material is not something that can be left to chance. Web content used to be rather banal, simply using the company name and a few basic facts about what it sold or what service it had to offer. This is no longer adequate – visitors to websites expect to be amused, entertained or educated when they visit a good site and there is no need to stick strictly to the product any more. The best content marketing tells a story and draws the reader in – TV advertising and to an extent print media does the same thing with adverts that build slowly to the crunch. Who could forget the little boy who couldn’t wait for Christmas in the 2012 John Lewis campaign? Even those too young to remember it will recognize the story of the Gold Blend adverts with the will they, won’t they couple. This is the kind of cliffhanger writing that is needed and at Lojix we have a team of writers waiting to make your product or services speak.

Proof reading is essential

The best websites grab the visitor with a bold graphic and some written content that looks as though it might be going somewhere. Anything that is full of errors will be immediately off-putting and will stop a huge percentage of people from reading even one sentence further. Careful proof reading is essential to make your content marketing text perfect – and this is another place where Lojix is an essential adjunct to the success of your business. The other essential is to make sure that your content is always changing. It needs to be up to date and relevant and if you do bring in an element of current affairs into your content – a very good plan as it is picked up by searches unrelated to your product – you must make sure it is constantly monitored to ensure that the story is still ‘live’. It looks very lazy to a site visitor if nothing has changed since they were there last, especially if the story has very publicly moved on. In fact, having ‘old news’ as your front page can even give the impression that your business is no longer functioning and your customers will look elsewhere.

Search engines and content

It is sensible to avoid anything that is too controversial and Lojix has a lot of experience in the field and can guide you. Even if your product lends itself to this kind of discussion, it is best not to come down on one side of the fence or the other with too much rhetoric because it can be offensive to some visitors and annoy others. The search engines are very strict about content of this nature and this is why you need an expert to help you through the minefield of what is and what is not allowed – you may think your product is the best in the world and can work miracles. It’s just you are not allowed to use quite those words to say it!

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