Website Design 

When you run a business or provide a service, your website is your shop front, so it’s essential to ensure that the shop front you have performs all the right moves to attract new clients and hold on to the old ones.

As well as looking great you also need people to find you on the internet. That is why we offer affordable seo packages that drive targeted visitors to your website.

At Lojix we work with all types of business to create fabulous websites that are perfectly designed to do their job well!

Why choose Lojix for Web Design?

At Lojix, we pride ourselves on our customer service and work hard to ensure that our clients are with us through every step of the design process, so you always end up with the results you want.

Our friendly and approachable design team offer an affordable service with a smile, so you can rest assured that you can get in touch easily to check on the development of your project.

Our ultimate goal is to create the best possible website for you that we can, which means we’re always willing to put in the extra mile if it means extra customer satisfaction.

So if you run a business in Barnsley and are planning on having a new website or want to update your old one, get in touch with Lojix today to find out how we can help.

Brochure Websites

If you’re looking for a brochure style website to advertise your products or services then look no further than Lojix. Our expert team of web designers can create a high quality, professional website that will work for your business without breaking the bank.

Content Managment Websites

A content management website allows site owners to manage their own content, so for example they can add pages, change and add content or upload new product pictures.

We provide effective and user friendly content management systems and work with site owners through every stage of web design and once you site is complete, we’ll even teach you everything you need to know to manage it effectively.

E-Commerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are big business so if you want to get in on the act then choose Lojix to design your ecommerce site. Our design team are ecommerce experts and design each site according to the requirements of the individual business, so whatever type of product or service you offer, we can come up with the right site for you.

An ecommerce site makes your sales process so much easier and is the ideal way to increase your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring new premises. In fact, in terms of success, an ecommerce site is the ideal way to grow your customer base. In addition, an ecommerce site is also a great way to keep track of your sales ledger and ensure that your business is well organised.

Responsive Web Design

Up until recently if you had a new website your web designer would create your website that would work on any browser or computer and they may have created a separate site that would look good on a mobile phone i.e. mobile version of your website. This has now changed and only one design should be done that will work on all devices and screen sizes. This is called a responsive web design and it adapts to whatever screen size or device your website is being viewed on.

Headless CMS websites

Headless CMS sites are becoming more popular.

In the world of website building, “headless CMS” refers to a special type of content management system (CMS) that operates differently from traditional ones. Here’s the breakdown:

Traditional CMS: Think of it like a self-contained unit where your content and the way it’s displayed are tightly coupled. You edit your text, images, and layout directly within the system, and it generates the finished website pages.

Headless CMS: Imagine separating that unit into two distinct parts:

    • Head (presentation layer): This is the part that actually displays your content on the website. It can be anything from a custom-built web app to a mobile app, even a smartwatch display. Developers build the “head” using any programming language or framework they prefer.
    • Body (content repository): This is the backend where you manage your content itself, like text, images, and data structures. Headless CMS provides a secure, centralized platform for editing and organising your content, accessible through an API (a set of instructions for how other programs can interact with it).

So, the “headless” part means the CMS doesn’t have its own built-in presentation layer. It focuses purely on storing and managing your content, leaving the “how to display it” part to developers.


Headless CMS advantages:

    • Flexibility: You have complete control over the frontend presentation layer, allowing for highly customised and unique experiences across any platform (website, mobile app, kiosk, etc.).
    • Agility: Updates can be made to the content without affecting the frontend, enabling faster deployment and experimentation.
    • Scalability: Headless architecture can handle large amounts of content and traffic seamlessly.
    • Omnichannel content delivery: Easily deliver content to any digital touchpoint through APIs.
    • Developer freedom: Developers can choose any programming language or framework they prefer.

Headless CMS disadvantages:

    • Complexity: Requires more technical expertise to implement and maintain compared to traditional CMS.
    • Cost: Headless CMS solutions can be more expensive than traditional options, especially with the need for additional development resources.
    • Steeper learning curve: Content creators may need to adapt to working with an API-driven interface.
    • Less built-in functionality: You’ll need to integrate additional tools for features like analytics, SEO, and security.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if a headless CMS is right for you:

    • What level of customization do you need for your website?
    • How tech-savvy is your team?
    • What is your budget?
    • Do you plan to deliver content across multiple platforms?
    • How important is scalability for your future needs?

Alternatives to consider:

    • Traditional CMS: A good option for simple websites with limited customization needs.
    • Decoupled CMS: Offers some of the flexibility of headless CMS with a built-in frontend framework.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use a headless CMS should be based on your specific needs and resources.

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