Digital PR

Digital PR and Marketing Packages

Lojix are a digital marketing agency in the UK offering our customers a complete package of digital PR and marketing services designed to perfectly meet your business needs.

We ensure we can provide our clients with the right marketing tools to make an impact on the net and in more traditional ways too. Take a look below to find out more about the offline and online services we can provide.

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At Lojix we love a challenge and will do everything we can to exceed your needs and expectations, whatever they are. Click here today for a competitive quote or to make an enquiry.

An Innovative Approach to Modern Marketing

Whether you run a large multinational or a small SME, a well thought out and executed marketing strategy is essential. Our professional marketing team are on hand to help you anticipate, identify and satisfy the needs of your customers and create a professional campaign designed to hit your target market head on and give you the marketing edge over your competitors.

Once your campaign is up and running we’ll carefully monitor the impact you’re having so improvements can be made and ongoing goals can be met.


Offline advertising is an effective way to raise your profile and get noticed in all the right places. We can create a bespoke advertising package tailored to meet your requirements. Our advertising reach includes magazines, product placements, events, corporate literature, booklets and leaflets and billboards. So whether you want to target the local gym with your massage therapy business or attract Angel Investors to your technology start up, we can find the ideal outlet to advertise your products or services.

Design and Print

At Lojix we offer clients a complete design and print package that includes carefully researched logo design and branding, together with professionally produced labels, promotional print, business stationary, custom printed wrapping and tissue paper and a range of other printed products to meet your business needs.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still an effective way to target potential customers, provided your campaign is carried out correctly. We offer all kinds of direct mail campaigns for all kinds of business needs, including cross-selling, information mailings and product launches. We use our second to none software system to find and target the right clients on your behalf.

Digital Services

We are a digital pr agency and as part of our full scale marketing provision we can supply a range of digital services to ensure you develop and maintain a powerful online presence. We work with a wide range of customers including VSP clinic a LASER treatment clinic in London. We do everything from website redesigns to Google Ad campaigns, we can provide everything you need to make the most of your online marketing potential. Our digital services include:

So if you’d like to see your business boosted to the top of the search engines with an all-inclusive mix of marketing then give us a call on today or email us here to make an enquiry.