Marketing Tools

Many companies spend more on marketing than on any other single arm of their business and this is of course right and proper – without good marketing, all the other parts of the business will soon be redundant. That said, it is important to make every penny spent on marketing earn its keep and this is where it is important to keep up to date on what’s going on in the online marketplace. What some businesses tend to do is get a website up and running and then just sit back, but nothing is forever in B2B digital marketing strategies and what may have made a lot of sense six months ago could be completely passé now. Also, things come, things go and then, just to fool you, things come back again, so be careful you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater; you may need it.

Paid Advertising

This may seem obvious, but it isn’t a matter of putting out a neat box or banner any more. AdWords is a perfect solution for many, but to keep right at the top of the funnel you should be thinking in terms of Remarketing, whereby people who have visited and then left your site without buying will see your ad at a later date when they are browsing elsewhere – in fact, wherever they are, on any site that supports AdWords, you will be there to remind them. The level is set by you and it avoids the slightly creepy ‘stalking’ feel of Facebook ads, which many people dislike. Making your advertising relevant and useful to the client should be your aim and if you have something to say and somewhere to say it, a guest blog is a great way to be seen, outside your usual platform.

There is something about appearing on another website that gives added gravitas – make sure you know your market first, so you can place yourself relevantly. Using Lead Forensics’ lead generation tool will make sure you know who is looking at you and in what detail. Using this information, you can then reach out to other sites which will share the same traffic.

Talk to your audience personally

This sounds impossible, but with care you can build up a series of personas of the people you are most likely to be dealing with. You can then target your marketing to the relevant type of person, so you are, quite literally, talking their language. It is no good adding a load of jargon and buzz words to a buyer who is much more old-school. Not only will they not really understand what you are on about, they may be positively put off by it. Conversely, a formal style will probably be just as off-putting to a busy, rising young management person who just needs the facts and cut the chat. By developing a portfolio of personas, you will always be talking the right language to the right person and your sales will increase as a result. This is where Lead Forensics lead generation tool comes in so handy – by following up on the leads which had not resulted in sales and getting a chance for a face to face, you can make sure you have the right approach, one which will convert the lead to a sale, every time. Some businesses are in a very niche market, but with all sales being global these days it is unlikely you are alone in your niche, so you need every advantage you can gain. Putting in some people time will pay dividends as well as making your job much more interesting – online is all very well, but in the end, it is people who do the buying.