The gaming industry is booming more than ever as it reaches closer to the 200-billion-dollar market size. With growth expected to slow down, Statista predictions still forecast the market reaching 268.81 billion dollars by 2025.

This enormous industry has opened many business opportunities ranging from video game creation, content creation, gaming blogs, gaming coaching, professional esports, and more, you name it!

This expansive market does come with tough competition. So how can you market your product or service in the highly competitive gaming market? Lojix and Pro MB Gaming have put together a few tips to help make your product stand out from the rest.

Knowing your Target Audience

To be successful in the industry, you will need to know your target market. The first step to this is by segmenting the market. Market segmentation is where you divide the market into groups based on their characteristics and needs.

Unless you plan on targeting the whole gaming market, segmentation should give you a competitive edge. In theory, you shouldn’t be targeting the whole market anyway. How many products or services can you think of that target the whole gaming industry? I can only think of a couple! Discord probably targets the whole market. They originally only targeted PC gamers but as games are becoming cross platform compatible, PC players are starting to be able to play with their console friends. And what platform is best to communicate whilst gaming? Discord. Therefore, Discord have now begun targeting console players. There are other companies targeting the whole market such as Microsoft, but these have products and services that target segments of the market individually.

Even large brands such as Epic Games do not target the whole gaming market as they do not target mobile gamers. So don’t waste your market budget by targeting anyone who plays games.

Facts you may want to know about the gaming audience

  • Male gamers occupy around 55% of the whole market
  • China and the United States are the two biggest countries in the gaming market, in terms of revenue. Be careful with this fact though! China are at the top spot because of their mobile games. PC and consoles are not as popular in China than the US and other countries. For example, if your product or service is relevant for PC gamers, then you may spend a higher proportion of your budget in the US rather than China and vice versa if you are in the mobile segment.
  • The age which you target can also be important. Statista state that 34% of the gaming market is made up of people aged 18-34 and 20% are under the age of 18. These are the to most popular age categories. However, it is also worth noting that the older the age category you target, the high purchasing power and more they are able to spend due to their higher incomes.

Video Content

The number of online videos watched has almost doubled since 2018 so it seems a no brainer to tap into this area within your online marketing. In fact, over 100 billion hours of gaming videos were watched just on YouTube in 2020! This does not include any other platforms.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular in the Google search results too! You may have noticed more videos popping up on that first page.

How can you get your video onto the first page of Google? Producing videos in a niche segment, unique content or being first out to release certain videos can all help in ranking your videos onto the first page of Google.

Including a video on your web page can also help your site’s engagement as visitors are more likely to spend more time on that page.

Social Media

Many businesses fail with their social media accounts and campaigns. Gaining the attraction and following can be tricky but then the conversion rates on social media platforms are so low, it makes some businesses not even bother.

The gaming industry is different to other markets. Gaming brands often make a larger impact on social media platforms because gamers can be easier to reach. People aged 20-29 take up a third of the social media users and this age category are the prominent p layers in the market.

 Gaming Influences

Gaming influences are becoming more powerful with the millions of followers and views they can attain. Collaborating and sponsoring relevant gaming influences could really push your brand, product or service.