The National Horseracing College (NHC) is a centre of training excellence in the north that is responsible for identifying, nurturing and stimulating the talent of budding horse-racers – especially younger people.

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The range of courses that NHC offer cover the many distinct requirements of staffing needs within the British racing industry. The success rate of NHC candidates is extraordinary, with 94% of Foundation Course students progressing to exciting careers within the industry and many continuing on to further education.

The chief executive of the NHC is Colonel Stephen Padgett OBE FCMI, whose credentials speak for themselves. After a 36 year career in the British Army he has brought his passion, drive and organisational skills to the NHC. Joanne Ellis is Operations Director, having progressed through the ranks from part-time instructor in 1994 and is passionate about delivering learning, funding and opportunities to young people. Throughout the NHC you will find a team of highly skilled, passionate and dedicated individuals who come together to make the organisation what it is today.

The ethos of the NHC involves excellent teamwork and the delivery of healthy leadership to provide an environment that nurtures, inspires and motivates candidates, instilling a passion for horses and racing and the honing of the requisite skills for finding and maintaining work and a career within the industry. The NHC constantly evolves to remain relevant to the changing landscape of the horse-racing industry.

The NHC yields highly positive training outcomes, with around 500 achieved each year, representing over 16,000 people training days. As one of only two specialist racing colleges in the country, the NHC is ideally positioned to provide a high quality, dedicated learning environment to individuals and employers across the north of England, Scotland and Ireland. Specific details of the many courses provided by the NHC can be found on their webpage.