SEO is important

As a manager of an Ecommerce website, the importance of SEO to the very crux of your business cannot be overstated. If you consistently fail to get the basic elements of SEO work right then the fidelity and efficacy of your site and content in reaching its target customer base will be under serious threat.
Whether you are an experienced SEO person or a novice there are some fundamental tips that you can follow to ensure that at the very least you will be right track. Hiring an SEO agency might not be a bad idea unless you understand these important facts:

Ensure your robots.txt file is not misused

Your unique robots.txt file is empowered with the ability to stop all organic traffic arriving at your site, which if handled incorrectly makes it potentially catastrophic. All it takes is a simple:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

And your online traffic will be decimated. Therefore it is imperative to know what you are doing before using this file and to ensure as few (trusted) people as possible have access to it. You might ask why, if it is so potentially poisonous should you have such a file? Well, it can also be used to:

  • Prevent Google from accessing your admin area
  • Insure against duplicated content by blocking Google from various areas of your site
  • Stop Google from attempting to access user accounts sections of the site

Tweak and hone your meta tags, especially meta tag titles

Meta tags are the subject of much controversial discussion in SEO but it is certainly the case that making sure your site has excellent meta tags can boost your traffic (with or without improvements in rankings). Meta tags can be split into two parts:

  • Meta title tag
  • Meta description

Both are vital. The meta description is the short paragraph of text in the HTML of a webpage that describes its content. Title tags, are used to inform both search engines and visitors as to what the content of a given pages is all about as concisely and accurately as possible. As we are focusing here on meta tag titles, let’s make it clear that the reason they are so important to SEO is that they represent the boldest, clearest element in a given search result and are therefore a huge influencing factor on whether a user will click on the result or scroll down searching for a more accurate descriptor of what they are searching for. Length is vital. 50-60 characters including spaces is optimal, while your most crucial keywords must feature first, taking care to focus on quality over quantity.

Content and internal blog links

Content remains king and you must keep your site and blog updated with regular informative articles that address real issues relevant to your targeted demographic. Internal links from one page to another within your site or blog are also crucial because:

  • They allow users to comfortably navigate a website
  • They help establish an information hierarchy
  • They help to spread link juice (ranking power) within the site

Make reviews a huge part of your site

So called social proof has never been so important and along with making sure you keep your site populated with inspired, concise and focused up-to-date content, there is little more important. Reviews offer assurance to customers and increase traffic and reduce the bounce rate of visitors to your site.

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