Attract the right type of leads

Striving to reach a target audience is one of the key tasks any business must confront. The world is a vast place and there are millions, if not billions of walking, talking potential leads waiting to be found. Of course, the trick is finding as many of them as possible without expending prohibitively large sums of money on the process. It’s also no good attracting people to your website or social media page if they are not the right people for your goods or services. Ensuring that those you attract really are interested is of great importance.

Word of mouth referrals

For businesses of all types it is always vital to retain existing customers for repeat business as well as impressing or incentivising your customers to an extent that they recommend your services to friends, family and contacts. Do not be shy in asking your customers to recommend your business as it is one of the most successful forms of lead generation. The market leader for lead generation software is Lead Forensics who offer a free 7 day trial of their ip tracking software.

The power of Facebook

If your business does not already take advantage of the multitude of advantages of social media networking then do not hesitate, just do it! It is not a case of acting after the horse has bolted as the draw of sites like Facebook is only increasing year on year. Providing interesting, fun and engaging content on a well-managed Facebook page can yield great rewards in lead generation and in keeping existing customers well-informed. With a small budget, posts on Facebook can be boosted to reach a wider audience (targeting those most likely to convert into customers) and you can also consider inexpensive advertising on the site.

Revel in Webinars

The Institute of Management Consultants, USA define webinars as: “marketing events where you invite prospects and customers from outside your company to learn about a new product, share in your subject matter expertise on something important to them, or just find out what makes you a good fit to work with them.” Webinars not only serve as a stellar tool to generate leads but also increase brand awareness, strengthen prospective interest in products or services and help to move prospective customers further through the sales funnel. The best bit is that webinars are symbiotic. People will gladly give over information because they are receiving high-value, hands-on training from the comfort of their own home. So long as you choose up-to-date, interesting topics it really is a bona fide win-win situation. You get leads, they receive training.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

When companies are dealing in IT services especially, SEO becomes the go to tool for acquiring new leads, due to its cost-efficiency. SEO must be used carefully, however and flooding articles with poorly integrated key words can lead to Google penalties. Instead, choose snappy, effective key words, use them sparsely, building solid, well-written articles around them and your ranking will soon start increasing and you will generate searches around your keywords, which hopefully translate into leads.

Offering Live Chat

A live chat box on a website is an invaluable tool in today’s age of instant access and impatient consumer needs. People dread getting stuck in conversation with pushy, over-enthusiastic sales folk on the telephone and instead prefer the option of instant access to personalised information via a live chat option. Such a service can be the difference between a casual browse and an actual sale although there is a relatively high tariff associated with this feature due to staffing costs, so it is vital that your site is attracting enough traffic to warrant a live chat feature prior to its integration.