B2B (Business to Business) is a growing field and in any growing field it is essential to work ever harder to make sure that you are the one people find, rather than the competition. Most businesses in this sector are very much aware that they need to keep up a relentless marketing strategy but even the best intentions can fall by the wayside after a while, but the key to successful B2B marketing is to treat every day as if it is your first in the marketplace and keep things fresh and new.

Promote – and then promote some more

Using social media is a great way to promote your business, especially special offers or new initiatives but many people make the mistake of making an announcement or posting a comment and then stopping. It is a fact which is sad but true that memories are getting shorter, especially when everything is in the ephemeral online world. In the days when marketing was done by flyers and letters, everything hung around more – the flyer would go up on the noticeboard, the letter would be filed or, at the worst, end up folded to be used as a coaster. But with digital marketing and the digital world, as soon as a screen is changed, the message disappears with it. So the key is keep on bringing yourself to the fore – this is hard to do for many, but there are professional companies out there who can do it for you. But whoever does it, it simply must be done.

Spread yourself about

It can be tricky finding a good level of exposure, especially on social media but as long as your staff are reasonably knowledgeable about your business (that sounds like a truism, but is not always the case, sadly) they make great ambassadors for you. Encourage them to share your posts on social media and also to ensure that, if they need your services, then they use them; it looks rather bad if a staff member uses the opposition. And then, of course, they will need to share how brilliant you are – as long as the claims made are true, there is nothing wrong with your staff blowing your trumpet for you!

Don’t forget SEO

There are some phrases that become so familiar people hardly hear them any more and one of those has to be ‘SEO’. Everyone knows having good quality content, written with SEO in mind is vital, but a surprising number of websites still don’t really tick those boxes. Getting the right words in the URL, title tag and meta description is a good start, but then good, relevant and interesting content employing the right level of keyword insertion is paramount. Again, not everyone finds this comes easily to them so rather than leave it to chance, it is better to spend some of the budget on a good professional. It pays for itself very quickly with better visibility and hits.

At Lojix we offer affordable SEO campaigns that take the pressure away from business owners who after all would prefer to spend their time running the business.

Check out your visitors

Lead generation for your business is so important and lead generation software such as that offered by Lead Forensics will help you find out who has been looking at your website and what they do when they are there.

Lead generation software isn’t for everyone but it really is a no brainer for bigger companies or companies that run regular exhibitions or similar activities. If you use an email campaign in your marketing, then for this reason alone, lead generation will pay you back because instead of peppering your potential clients with generic mails, you can pinpoint the people you need to and won’t end up annoying the vast majority of others.

Don’t forget ‘old school’ marketing

Email marketing still has legs, it has just changed a little since the early days of the internet. With lead generation (see above) it is no longer the same animal – the email marketing strategy was once rather like a flyer campaign, but without the paper! Now, it can be tailored very precisely to the potential client, who feels valued and understood right from the outset, rather than irritated by yet another unsolicited mail. Where possible, send the emails to a named individual at the business you wish to become your client – emails like this are more likely to be read than something addressed to enquiries@ or similar generic addresses.