No more nonsense

Search engines are getting more and more intelligent year on year and gone are the days when website managers could get away with churning out content stuffed with keywords to an extent that the articles themselves were unreadable.

It’s all about the reader

We will provide content that stimulates the reader while unwittingly satisfying the rigorous SEO demands that the algorithms of the likes of Google place on agencies like ourselves.

It is not an exaggeration to say that ensuring your business takes advantage of the best SEO strategists around has never been more important and we are proud that Lojix is one of the best. We are not satisfied with boosting your search rankings, we want you to witness the benefits all the way through your business until it manifests in an improved bottom line.

Our clients will benefit from our insightful and intuitive digital marketing strategy that focusses on delivering measurable results as efficiently as possible.

Our SEO services include:
Engaging Content Writing: Our team of in-house writers will not only come up with clever, incisive advertisements, but also content that genuinely addresses concerns and issues that your customer base are interested in. We believe that attracting relevant leads is crucial
Keyword Understanding: While keywords are no longer the be all and end all of online content, they are still of major significance. You just need to know which words to use and how often to use them. We will ensure the potential benefits of keyword implementation are maximised.
Beating the Competition: We will review your sector and gain a comprehensive understanding of the competition in order to solidify your niche, brand strengths and reach customers before the competition.
Website performance monitoring: We will analyse the key metrics of your website to make sure that it is performing. This gives us a base point from which to assess future growth so you can see what a massive difference Lojix have made.