If you are fairly new to the world of content marketing and the whole plethora of techniques and methodologies that go under this banner, you have come to the right place. This article will break down the whole thought process that is behind this incredibly successful marketing strategy and will explain the way that you can use this approach for promoting your own brand into the awareness of billions of potential clients. So please take the load off your feet and enjoy the rest of this short article.
What is content marketing?

This is an easy question to answer and, essentially, content marketing is a term or phrase that covers any form of marketing that relies on editorial copy or content. This approach for promoting a service or product is nothing new and we’ve been using this method for decades. But the tactics have been refined to a point whereby we can tweak the content in order to reach whatever market target we deem to be the most appropriate. And the main difference between now and the 1970’s is that the delivery method is now 100% digital. Using a digital marketing agency makes sure that your content marketing is spot on for your business.

Content marketing right now

You only have to look at the forums and social media platforms to realise that content marketing is one hot potato nowadays. Driving traffic to your business website can now be achievable by using great content and specific keywords. If you have some top notch content, you will get visitors, but you can also use a few tricks to ensure that the flow of people knocking on your virtual business door are the sort that will come back each time for more.

Examples of content

Back in the day, content could be simply defined as the words that filled up the tabloids and broadsheets, these days it is almost anything that you see online. You can have visual content, web content, blogs, articles, tutorials, FAQs, E-books and so on. These are all different ways to achieve the same results. Not only are you trying to draw new customers into your online shop, you also want to retain these individuals and the only way to do that is to offer a great service with a great brand on offer.

Benefits of content marketing

When you apply content marketing correctly, it is an incredibly powerful tool that has various benefits for your brand and your company. Here are three pretty wonderful by-products of a successful content marketing strategy:

  1. The mainstay of successful content marketing is the fact that your SEO will be improved as a result. Without a steady stream of decent content, your website will lose its high place in the Google page rankings. Google has refined its algorithm in a way that actually differentiates from low quality copy and meaningful content. When Google accepts that your individual content has actually been written in a way that benefits your visitors, it rewards your efforts with a higher position in the search engine results page.
  2. When visitors like what they are reading on your webpage or blog, they tend to share the content and source with their colleagues, friends and family members. So you are in effect creating an almost endless loop of free advertising. This sharing can create far stronger brand recognition and that can only be good for your business.
  3. New content will help to promote your new products or services. It can bridge the gap between release dates rather sweetly and keep the public informed about your products and services. When they talk about the new stuff you have in store, they will spread this news in their own communities and the anticipation will build as the release date draws ever nearer.

Content marketing in 6 steps:

  • Identify the content marketing goals – You need to decide on a clear benchmark and check out the relevant competition.
  • Get to know your public – Look at the ways that these individuals and groups are defined and understand the buying process stages.
  • Look for gaps in the market – Take a close look at your present content marketing positives. Once you have done this you can start to decide which aspect of the content is going to matter most to your public. If your content is still lacking in relevance, rework what you have until it works effectively.
  • Create your own content – Decide on the main message you are trying to get across and start building ideas that work within these deliverables. Make sure the flow is pure and that the content is always consistent.
  • Start distributing your content – Use social media, set up landing pages and start to get the content out there in the best arenas possible.
  • ROI – Look at the different campaigns and start comparing the results in relation to what the outlays are. Use the available analytical tools to decide if your demographics are hitting the right target. And always engage with your audience whenever possible.