Google Search Console Guide

Google Search Console (GSC) is an excellent free tool that helps users improve the performance of their website across search engines. Through the mechanisms of GSC users will be able to gauge the efficacy of their website and highlight areas for improvement. It is pretty straightforward to use and is regularly updated to streamline performance. This is done through the release of beta versions giving users the opportunity to submit feedback.

Benefits of Search Console

Among the many benefits of GSC are the ability to see any errors plaguing your site, which other sites are linking to yours and how often your pages feature in search results and their ranking, not to mention the number of clicks you get. Google also scans your site for malware and problems and will send you an email alert should it flag up anything important.


Once registered with GSC you will be able to do an awful lot to analyse and improve your site. The overview page is incredibly enlightening. You will be able to see how many clicks you have had, how many valid pages are on your site and how many pages have errors on them. You will also be able to see how user friendly your site is for mobile users.


The performance tab will enable you to analyse how well your site is performing in terms of click rates and impressions (how often your link is seen in search results). You might decide you need to come up with a way to boost your click through rate. You will also be able to see specifics on the search queries that led users to your site. This enables you to streamline your keywords and SEO content for your site and blog.

Organic search history

GSC allows you to go back into your site’s history to see if there is any trend in traffic over a given period. This allows for successful trials and monitoring the effectiveness of any implemented strategies or the detrimental effects of any page failures or other errors.

URL inspection tool

There is another very handy tool in a URL inspection facility that allows you to find out if your URL is appearing as it should and is indexed and mobile friendly. Any issues will be highlighted and can be addressed using this tool.


GSC has an excellent tool for analysing and fixing your website’s sitemap, which features all your URLs. You can check to see what’s excluded and when making changes submit a new sitemap to Google. All this is aimed at making your site more visible and accessible.

Manual Actions

The ‘manual actions’ part of GSC is where you will find any information about anything you did that Google might take issue with. For instance a suspicious number of links, keyword stuffed SEO or other breaking of the guidelines. This can involve Google taking manual actions against your site. You can communicate and work through issues here.

This is just a brief overview of some of the incredibly useful functions found on Google Search Console and there are so many other possibilities for more advanced users.