Digital PR

So, you’re looking for fresh, innovative ways to boost awareness of your brand and have stumbled across the idea of using digital PR but don’t want to commit before fully understanding just how digital PR can boost your brand. You’ve come to the right place.

An introduction to the concept of digital PR

Digital PR uses a variety of online strategies, the most dominant of which being the forging of high quality backlinks (from another site to yours), giving your company a chance to reach the relevant people more effectively than with traditional PR. Among the many strategies used in digital PR are the creation of content that answers prevalent questions in the zeitgeist relating to your industry, guest posting from industry figures, tidying up of website and web pages, SEO, social media strategy and influencer outreach.

Digital PR will prove to be a very key strategy in improving your brand’s online presence and its overall visibility in the online environment. Through a system which encourages the forging of strong bonds with other organisations, as well as your target audience through vital, engaging content and social media networking you will be able to forge a consistent and unique identity that your customer base can rely on and identify all the while clarifying and sharpening up your brand image.

Idea of what digital PR could involve – get interviewed by an industry-specific publication

One potentially very successful example of digital PR strategy to boost brand awareness involves approaching industry-relevant online publications or even radio stations with strong social media presence in order to conduct an interview. You can, on this occasion kill two digital PR birds with one stone by organising an event such as a fundraiser or sponsorship in the local community and use the event as the reason for the interview. This way you will be boosting your brand, brand awareness and you can shine a spotlight on your USP and whichever products or services you see fit.

When embarking on your digital PR campaign you will try to achieve high quality backlinks – that is the main technical objective – but the way in which these backlinks are achieved is often the mechanism by which your brand will benefit. A highly successful campaign will enable you to stamp your identity on your brand, through content, social media campaigning, guest posting, symbiotic relationships with other, likeminded companies and all manner of other ways.

How, specifically can digital PR boost your brand?

A fundamental objective and symptom, if you like, of successful digital PR involves the stimulation of web traffic and not just any traffic, it should be individuals who are far more likely to use your products or services than the average person. In addition your SEO ranking should be honed immensely. If you manage to get your content linked on sites with strong authority then you will be able to boost your SEO ranking for your specific target keywords. Over time this should increase traffic, leads and sales. The more your name gets out there through high quality backlinks, the more you will be viewed by peers and customers as an authority in your field. This will mean in increase in the trust in your brand, which as well as hopefully boosting leads and sales also opens up even more possibilities in digital PR, thus acting as a positive loop.

A huge part of success in any modern day business is the ability of a company to receive positive reviews online. Digital PR strategy should target this, but as a result of the overall digital PR approach you should, organically, begin to receive more reviews.