As anyone involved in SEO or website management knows, Google is a restless beast that is constantly seeking to evolve and improve – an observation especially relevant in the world of Google Search and Google Ads.

It is vital that you keep up to date with the latest developments in order to get the most out of the features and to avoid getting left behind.

One important new feature in the context of Google search is the amendment to the popular Google Lens function, whereby you can take a picture of something and Google will scour image results for comparable items, buildings or landmarks. Recently, Google announced a change making it possible to localize the image search results, rendering Google Lens the equivalent of CTRL + F for the world around you.

In terms of more general observations about the evolution of Google Search and its functionality, it is definitely worth noting that roughly once every 2 or 3 months Google make a swathe of improvements to the overall ranking processes, packaged up into ‘core updates.’ These updates are carried out with the constant objective of increasing the relevance of search results and making Google more user friendly. It is important to read through the list of changes in these core updates and makes any necessary tweaks to websites and SEO practice.

A site that doesn’t take notice of such changes can notice a considerable downturn in performance and traffic. It is important to note, however that even if you notice a drop in traffic or performance, trying to implement a fix can make things worse.

Improving the overall health and usability of a site should always be the objective as each core update is designed to redress previous imbalances.

With Google Ads features in mind it is definitely worth taking a look at the recent announcements from Google Marketing Live, 2022.

Each year changes and developments are set out and 2022 has been no different. A major change in how video ads work has been rolled out, affecting Google and YouTube alike. You are now able to see your video action campaigns and app campaigns roll out on YouTube Shorts across the globe.

In addition, later on in 2022 product feeds connected to your campaigns will become visible on YouTube shorts, enhancing the shop-ability of your video ads.  Discover will also enable you to ignite interest in your products, with video ads.

Google have sought to find a way to bring short video assets to Google feeds to make ads more engaging. The launch of Performance Max (the brand new goal-based campaign type enabling performance advertisers to access their entire Google Ads inventory from a single campaign) has also been a big factor driving change in Google Ads. Advertisers using this saw an average increase of 13% in conversions. Performance Max has been improved in 2022 allowing for more experimentation and performance measurement as well as enhanced campaign support.

Finally, it would be remiss no to mention the new Google Analytics 4. If you already have a universal analytics property you can simply add a GA4 property to run alongside it, otherwise sign-up is simple. Google Analytics 4 has some distinct advantages over its App + Web predecessor in that it is privacy focused, future proof and intelligent, revealing customer insights across platforms and devices. It also offers seamless integration with Google’s advertising platforms, facilitating optimized campaign performance and boosting marketing ROI.

Keeping abreast with changes to Google Search and Google Ads, while understanding how the tweaks will reward improvements to distinct areas will make a vast difference to long term performance.