Writing good quality content for your website has always been about writing it for humans not for search engines and in 2022 this is even more important with Google’s push for quality.

Answering questions that your target audience are asking is a great way to create good quality content.

For example people running a local business could be searching for “how do I improve my local SEO” so writing a blog post around this topic is a great idea. The quality of the writing is important as is the length of it. Writing a 50 word post isn’t really going to get you far up the search engines unless you are in a very small niche where no one else is writing good quality content on the topic.

Research shows that articles over 2500 words have the best chance of getting onto page 1 of Google. But don’t just stuff words in your article for the sake of it.

Marketing Goals

If you are writing new content you really should be monitoring what effect this is having on your business. Is it improving your brand awareness, is it bringing additional visits to your website or even generating new leads.

You can measure these goals by using Google Analytics or similar tools.

In Google Analytics you can see how many visits your website is getting and drill down to the pages that are driving those visits. You can also track who fills out contact forms or calls your telephone number.

Original Content

Copying content from another website and posting on your blog isn’t going to get you additional organic visits so write your own unique content. You should know your business pretty well so even if you are not a great writer your article should come across well so don’t be afraid to give it a go.

Keyword Research

If you can find long tail keywords related to your business that get decent search volume this is where you should start particularly if your blog is new. Search engines tend to favour blogs that have been around a while compared to new ones but if you keep writing good quality content in time you will see that is gets easier to get good organic rankings.

User Experience

Search engines and Google especially are putting a lot of emphasis on user experience so make sure your site is easy to navigate and more important that your content is easy to read and has things in there such as images or videos to enhance your post.

Using podcasts can be a great way to add additional content to your website and the number of people listening to podcasts is rising quickly.

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